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Empowering Student Leaders

Why should my school join UASC?

Benefits of being a UASC member include advisor and student collaboration, a toolbox of helpful ideas and opportunities for students to serve at the state and national level... and a discount for UASC events is included. Join TODAY!

UASC Leadership Conferences

Annual UASC State Conferences are a great place to collaborate with other schools and held for middle and high school level leadership groups

UASC Idea Page

The UASC idea page is a great place to find new ideas and highlight the great events happen at your school.

UASC State Council


The UASC State Council is a group of student leaders dedicated to serving the student leadership teams in Utah.


State officers:

  • facilitate annual middle and high school level leadership conferences.

  • have the opportunity to attend regional and national conferences

  • serve as student hosts at UASSP events

  • receive training in leadership skills such as public speaking, problem-solving, and event organization.

  • qualify for state and national awards.

  • must be from a UASC member school.

If you are interested in becoming a State Officer, please click below!

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